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Deena Gornick

Fascinated by her own idea that confidence is not a feeling, but a behaviour, Deena trained to be a psychotherapist at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London. Gaining the psychological literacy, she desired she began coaching performance before coaching became a recognised discipline. Within her 1;1 Executive Coaching practise she has coached top level executive to board level women and men across the corporate space working regularly with such organisations as: HSBC, Barclays, Oliver Wyman, Baringa, Red Bull, Boston Consulting Group, JKR, Worldpay, Mullen Lowe Group, Womble Bond Dickinson, and Allianz.


Session 5: Rewired for Power – Taking yourself forward in this new time with Deena Gornick

Having heard about ways to rewire yourself towards the vision of the life you know you deserve, take your leadership to the next level your way. In this interactive session of reflection and action led by Executive Coach Deena Gornick, you will tap into the powerhouse of our network to ignite us to move forward.


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Session 5 - Rewired for Power - Taking yourself forward in this new time
26 April 12:20