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Harriet Minter

Harriet Minter is a journalist, speaker, and consultant, specialising in female leadership and working from home. She is committed to revolutionising the workplace and is the author of the bestselling WFH: How to Build a Career You Love When You’re Not in the Office. Harriet has written for publications including The Guardian, The Times, and The Telegraph, and has given two TED Talks – the first on the importance of learning to fail and the second on yoga, which have had 10s of thousands of views.


Session 1: Omniwomen C-Suite reality check with Harriet Minter

In this open and honest conversation, Omnicom’s female leaders speak candidly about their experiences over the past two years – what they’ve learned, how they’ve changed and what they see next for the business. We’ll be getting to know them beyond their job titles and uncovering what they’ve learned throughout their careers.

Session 6: Proceed until apprehended with Harriet Minter

Proceed Until Apprehended: In this engaging and informative talk, journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter will look at the ways we can hold ourselves back and what we need in order to push forward. She’ll talk about why we should all create our own personal board, what happens when we embrace failure rather than fearing it, and why “proceed until apprehended” is the best advice she’s ever been given. Harriet prides herself on making sure that every attendee of one of her keynotes leaves with a new idea or trick to try in their own lives, and no matter what her story of what she learned from being really bad at yoga will definitely make you laugh.

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Session 1: Omniwomen C-Suite reality check
26 April 9:40
Session 6: Proceed until apprehended
26 April 13:10