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Sam Conniff

Sam Conniff is a best-selling author and social entrepreneur who has changed the lives of thousands. He is most recently the Creator of Uncertainty Experts, a unique hybrid of online learning, interactive documentary, and psychological intervention – coming soon to Netflix! Sam has won Entrepreneur of the year, Agency of the Year, The Queens Award and many others and he turned down an MBE in 2020. He is also consultant to brands from Rolex to Red Bull, and a mentor to many entrepreneurs and innovators around the world.


Session 2: Rewired for uncertainty with Sam Conniff

Burnout is at an all-time high, resilience is at an all-time low – and our tolerance for uncertainty defines our response. Fear of the unknown stunts creativity, weakens our resolve and diminishes collective action and community cohesion. In this empowering session with Sam Conniff, creator of #UncertaintyExperts and author of ‘Be More Pirate’, Sam will explain why managing uncertainty is the most important leadership skill to thrive in today’s ever-changing world and how to rewire our brains to turn uncertainty into great opportunity, creativity and possibility.

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Session 2: Rewired for uncertainty
26 April 10:20