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Omniwomen + Allies Summit 2022 1 Day. 6 Talks. Inspiring Speakers

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Rewired 2022

We are Omniwomen UK + Allies ...

This year, Omniwomen + Allies will learn how to cope with constant change, lead their people through it and navigate the unknown. Your leaders of the future will learn how to rewire themselves to embrace the chaos, managing themselves and the business with more clarity, focus and confidence.
And much like last year’s Summit, we believe Omniwomen + Allies should be accessible to as many of our talented people as possible and help you deliver on your learning and development needs.


Who's Speaking ?

Journalist, author and hybrid work specialist

Author, social entrepreneur at Creator of the #UncertaintyExperts

Head of Health Strategy at RAPP UK

British Campaigner, Fundraiser and former event rider

Executive Leadership Coach